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Sotomayor Says Identity Won’t Distort Her Decisions

Judge Sonia Sotomayor insisted on Tuesday, in the face of skeptical questioning from Republicans, that she would never allow her background to determine the outcome of a case.

  • Video Live Video via MSNBC: The Confirmation Hearings
More on the Hearings
  • The Caucus: Live Blogging the Hearings
  • Photographs Slide Show: Confirmation Hearings, Day 2
  • Comparing Opening Statements | Photos
  • Readers’ ReactionsAudio Senators on Sotomayor

Goldman Sachs Reports Big Profit, Beating Forecasts

Goldman Sachs earned second-quarter profits of $3.44 billion, continuing a robust turnaround since it rode out the tumultuous final months of 2008 with the help of a federal rescue.

  • DealBook: Goldman Bonus Pool
  •  The Takeaway With Graham Bowley
    Instant Chemistry

Tales of Torture and Death Fill Court in Cambodia

The trial of a Khmer Rouge prison chief has uncovered details about the suffering of victims of the regime.

  • Video: Cambodia Tribunals
More News
  • The Times Agrees to Sell WQXR Radio4 minutes ago
  • Facing Charges, City Councilman Resigns16 minutes ago
  • French Advisers Kidnapped in Somalia28 minutes ago
Movie Review | 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'
Return to Hogwarts
Daniel Radcliffe in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

The latest big-screen iteration of the global phenomenon has begun to show signs of stress around the edges.

  • Video Film Clips | ArtsBeat: Magic Numbers
The Caucus
House Democrats to Unveil Health Care Bill

The sweeping legislation includes an income surtax on the country’s highest wage-earners to help cover the cost.

Episcopal Church Moves to End Ban on Gay Bishops

Bishops voted for a resolution that, if approved, would probably add to the strife in the Anglican Communion.

  • comment iconPost a Comment | Read (69)

For Italian, Wearing Yellow Is Fun While It Lasts

Since winning that jersey after the first stage in the Pyrenees, Rinaldo Nocentini has barely stopped smiling.

  • Cycling's Biggest Prize Eluding Evans Again | Interactive Stage by Stage
On the Blogs
  • DealBook: Madoff Enters North Carolina Prison
  • Bits: On Bastille Day, Let Them Read Tweets
  • ArtsBeat: Dash Snow, New York Artist, Dies at 27

  • Send Your Pictures From July 1969
  • Lens Blog: David Burnett Photos
  • Voices: Recalling July 20, 1969
  • A Moon Odyssey: Astronauts’ Photos
  • Getting There: 1969 and 2020
  • After Apollo, New Adventures

On Hand for Space History

A Times reporter who covered the Apollo mission in July 1969 describes the awe-inspiring days of the space race, from countdown to the history books in a giant leap.

  • A. O. Scott: That One Small Step Is Still Hard to Measure
  • Interactive Interactive Feature: Mission to the Moon | Go to Special Section »

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National Editor
National Editor

Suzanne Daley will answer questions from readers.E-Mail a Question

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After Deadline »
May, Might, Muddle
After Deadline

A critique of grammar, style and usage in The Times. This week: confusing possibilities.

News from AP & Reuters »
Protester Removed From Sotomayor Hearing
9 minutes ago
FACT CHECK: Don't Quote Sotomayor on That, Senator
10 minutes ago
New Home Appraisal Rules Stir Industry Backlash
10 minutes ago

Opinion »

From the Midwest to Mogadishu
Room for Debate

Does the U.S. really face “homegrown” jihadist threats?

  • Herbert: Chutzpah on Steroids | Comments (267)
  • Brooks: Way We Live Now
  • Editorial: Sotomayor
  • Opinionator: Following Pundits on Sotomayor
  • Freakonomics: Tax Dollars

Movies »

Video Video: Critics’ Picks
Video: Critics' Picks

A. O. Scott reviews “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Instant Chemistry
Instant Chemistry

A relationship dissected in “(500) Days of Summer.”

  • Video Trailer

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For a Writer, a Home With a Hideout

The novelist Roxana Robinson, who lives in a Classic 8 on the Upper East Side, had to carve out a quiet place.

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2009 Audi Q5
What’s Become of the Wagon?
2009 Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 lets owners feel they’re making a purely rational choice even as they spend a bit more.

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Submit photos and view and comment on other readers’ cars. Also, view and submit events to the Automotive Events Calendar.

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A six-month job search forced the author to think more closely about the kind of work he really wanted.


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Science »
Grand Plans for Moon and Mars, Budget Permitting
Grand Plans for Moon and Mars, Budget Permitting
Television »
Chasing Terrorists (and TV Ratings)
Chasing Terrorists (and TV Ratings)
Opinion »

Bloggingheads: Facebook vs. Dictators

A video discussion of the political power of social media.

Technology »
Bing Delivers Credibility to Microsoft
Bing Delivers Credibility to Microsoft
Opinion »
Issey Miyake: Hiroshima
Issey Miyake: Hiroshima
Sports »
Older Mauer Brother Watches and Waits
Older Mauer Brother Watches and Waits
Science »
Minority Insists Apollo Was Smoke and Mirrors
Magazine »
Moral of the Story: When Texting Is Wrong
Books »
Choices That Closed a Window on Afghanistan
Opinion »

From the Midwest to Mogadishu

A Room for Debate forum on the case of the Somali-Americans recruited to fight for an Islamist group abroad.

World »
Iraqis Cheer for a Team That Again Is at Home
Opinion »
Op-Classic, 2006: Regina Benjamin on Katrina
World »
  • Iraq Suffers as the Euphrates River Dwindles
  • Gray Areas Loom Large in China’s Steel Industry
  • With Rio Case, China Puts Australia in a Tight Spot
U.S. »
  • Regional Shift Seen in Education Gap
  • Family Businesses Are Reeling in Recession
  • Illnesses Afflict Homes With a Criminal Past
Politics »
  • Sotomayor Vows ‘Fidelity to the Law’ as Hearings Start
  • Sotomayor Mostly Listens as Senators Have Their Say
  • In Sotomayor Hearing, Philosophy; In Bronx Courts, Real Life
N.Y. / Region »
  • Struggling Landlords Leaving Repairs Undone
  • The Times Agrees to Sell WQXR Radio
  • Reconsecration, With Bells, Saffron and Elephant
Science »
  • On Hand for Space History, as Superpowers Spar
  • That One Small Step Is Still Hard to Measure
  • Vocal Minority Insists It Was All Smoke and Mirrors
Health »
  • Illnesses Afflict Homes With a Criminal Past
  • Administration Seeks to Restrict Antibiotics in Livestock
  • Obama Prods Lawmakers in Meeting on Health Bill
Education »
  • Regional Shift Seen in Education Gap
  • Obama Plans New Funds for Colleges
  • Makeup Work Allows Students to Slide by, Critics Say
Real Estate »
  • Tenants With Tool Belts
  • Living In | Wyandanch, L.I.: Where the Main Drag Is Called Straight Path
  • Habitats: For a Writer, a Home With a Hideout
Business »
  • Stocks Search for Direction on Wall Street
  • Madoff Arrives at Federal Prison in North Carolina
  • The Times Agrees to Sell WQXR Radio
Technology »
  • Bing Delivers Credibility to Microsoft
  • Bits: On Bastille Day, Let Them Read Tweets
  • Bits: The Best Internet Addresses Will Cost a Cool .Million
Sports »
  • Selig Rejects Accusation Baseball Owners Colluded
  • Older Mauer Brother Watches and Waits
  • McIlroy Strives for Low Profile at British Open
Obituaries »
  • Robert Louis-Dreyfus, Turnaround Specialist, Dies at 63
  • John Henry Moss, Head of Minor League for 50 Years, Is Dead at 90
  • Lou Pagliaro, National Table Tennis Champion, Dies at 90
Travel »
  • Q&A: A Four-Day Tuscan Sampler
  • Airlines, Already Suffering, Brace for More Woes
  • Surfacing: Highland Park: A New Culture District in Los Angeles
Dining & Wine »
  • Say, Now, That’s Some Canadian Doughnut, Eh?
  • A Good Appetite: Granola With a Perk of Olive Oil
  • The Minimalist: A Frittata Where Eggs Play the Minor Role
Home & Garden »
  • Habitats: For a Writer, a Home With a Hideout
  • Summer House Horrors: On a Private Lake in Maine, No One Can Hear You Scream
  • Times Topics: The Toxic Salad
Fashion & Style »
  • Drink, Dance, but Don’t Say ‘Club’
  • Whiter Shades for Elie Saab; A 'Happening' for Franck Sorbier
  • Review: Liberating Women's Bodies
Automobiles »
  • Behind the Wheel | 2009 Audi Q5: What’s Become of the Wagon?
  • Collecting: For Honda in America, 50 Years of Going Its Own Direction
  • Greentech: Future Racing, Ancient Setting
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  • Op-Ed Columnist: Chutzpah on Steroids
  • Editorial: Questioning Judge Sotomayor
  • Letters: The Key to America’s Recovery: Jobs
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  • Making Horses Gallop and Audiences Cry
  • The Times Agrees to Sell WQXR Radio
  • Books of The Times: The Choices That Closed a Window Into Afghanistan
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  • That One Small Step Is Still Hard to Measure
  • No Swagger Like ‘Borat,’ but ‘Brüno’ Opens on Top
  • Instant Chemistry, Belated Dance Number
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  • Making Horses Gallop and Audiences Cry
  • On the London Stage: Theatrical Treats Tucked Into Small Venues
  • Theater Review | 'Hiding Behind Comets': Ominous Revelations of a Stranger in a Strange Bar
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  • Books of The Times: The Choices That Closed a Window Into Afghanistan
  • Books of The Times: Psst! Secrets of a Best-Selling Hack: Basic Rules for Writing Fiction
  • Unscripted Upheaval, Starring Herself
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  • The Deciders: Umpires v. Judges
  • The Art of the Political Comeback
  • Rumbles on the Rim of China’s Empire
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  • Watching Whales Watching Us
  • Can David Cameron Redefine Britain’s Tory Party?
  • The Place of Women on the Court
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  • Summer Fashion Classics for Men
  • Travel: The Gulch, a Hot Neighborhood in Nashville
  • Parlez-Vous Bastille Day?

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